Refund Policy

We believe in your ability to capture some fun shots that make it worth your investment but we offer a 30 day 110% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason.

Please contact us to start the process. Just mail your birdie(s)to 2606 Gateway Oaks Drive #150 Sacramento Ca 95833. (We need to be fair to those who kept them and told others about them in the event they become an early edition collectable for SmileForMeToys.)

Upon receiving your return we will refund 110% of the original purchase PLUS standard first class mailing postage amount promptly. Include your return address please.

We welcome criticism and helpful suggestions too! Please visit us at Facebook/SmileForMeToys and share your thoughts.

Hopefully you will look at that little face on that "birdie" and put him back to work capturing some fun photos.

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