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Birdie Toy and The SnapShotz Photography Board Game®


Our interest in photography techniques started out by creating a "Birdie" toy with Smile for Me Toys™. The Original "Birdie" Toy was designed to help get infants and toddlers, distant teens, relatives and friends to smile for your camera, tablet or cell phone.  Fun Photo Booths got more popular and we always had fond memories of family board game night so.......

The SnapShotz Photography Board Game® was created in 2015 which uses "any camera (smart phone, tablet or iPhone) around a table where cards are drawn for poses and photography and photo booth props are used throughout the game." (US Patent and Trademark reg. no. 4,809,362)  

We interrupt this page for a short cartoon break!(Click below.)

(Special thanks to Cartoonist Emily Caesar, "Watch the Birdie" Written by Don Raye and Gene DePaul, as sung by Anita O'Day with Gene Krupa and Roy Eldridge. SmileForMeToys dedicates it to another great American Icon with her connections to the song, Martha Raye in which her legacy of support of U.S Troops lives on with us.)

Photography is not all fun and games to us.  We take the art of photography seriously and this website was designed to provide you with just the right amount of photo-taking info to help people create some special and memorable photos.  Our toys and games hopefully will also help "make it fun to smile for the camera." 

All you need are some really good, simple and straightforward photography tips that can help you "wing it" and make a difference right away no matter what type of camera, tablet or cell phone that you own!

Make Memories With SnapShotz! ™

Buy a "Birdie" toy today to help your subject "Watch the Birdie" and smile for you…(click here) to buy an original "Birdie" toy. It is cheaper than an order of cotton candy at the fair or a gallon or two of gas and yet becomes "priceless" when you like the photos!

(Only put a "Birdie" toy on your camera if you want someone to look at it!)

Go to the "Add to Cart" button to also buy the SnapShotz Photography Board Game®. Use your camera (cell phone or tablet) with your favorite photo booth props.  Take turns rolling a die and the squares and "PoseCards" will call the shots in what may become the last great board game!  Kids or others can really get creative with countless photo editing and effects APPS!  The game board is brilliantly designed to handle it all!

Scroll Down To Click On The Topics Listed Below!

As you click through our pages below, you'll find…

  • Simple tips that will help you take awesome photos.
  • Photography props to quickly grab your subject's attention and focus their eyes toward your lens. Lessen the side distractions and get it done with a "Birdie" and other featured characters!
  • Easy photography techniques to help you with your camera's most important features and take shots that you can't wait to share with family and friends.

Spread some smiles in these tough times. Try out these photography techniques and photography tips and make it fun to smile for the camera. Throw your inhibitions to the wind because a little birdie once said "you are certain to miss 100% of the pictures you don't take!"

Let us know if we can answer any questions for you or share with us your favorite easy photography techniques by clicking here.

Smile For Me Toys™ and The SnapShotz Photography Board Game are in Beta for the GarnishzLife Product Design and Development Company.

Order Page For A Birdie Toy and The SnapShotz Photography Board Game
Order Page For A Birdie Toy and The SnapShotz Photography Board Game
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