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Watch the Birdie Toy and
The SnapShotz Photography Board Game ®

Watch the Birdie

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  • Background info for the Smile For Me Toys story.
  • Works great with your game night or family photo story segments.
  • Fun facts for the "Watch the Birdie" phrase and its history.
  • Audiences love our photography tips they can use right away.
  • The SnapShotz Photography Board Game ® complements photo       booth stories and death or rebirth of board game trends. 
  • Photo sharing discussions and "pros and cons" for teens.
  • Old board game charm meets new photo effects and technology.
  • Charitable donation partnership possibilities.
  • Make It Fun To Smile
    The Camera

    We at Smile For Me Toys are a fledgling company that is ready to take off. With interest and sales across the USA from Washington State to New York, Pennsylvania down to Texas, Los Angeles to Florida and as far reaching as Canada, Australia and England.

    More than camera novelty toys and games, we are looking to build a movement of provoking smiles and building self esteem and confidence in children early on and striving to help folks capture photos that matter with the friends and family they care about.

    Sometimes the people that are the most important in our lives are the ones we don't often photograph enough because we take their closeness for granted.  Sometimes we regret opportunities when it suddenly becomes too late.  

    Our newest product, we feel, is a game that matters called The SnapShotz Photography Board Game ®. Using any camera (or iPhone, tablet or smart phone), SnapShotz uses a board game's time proven ability to captivate and involve players around a table.

    Photo Booth fun but with no set up or take down issues. The game puts taking photos on "auto-pilot" by getting the old and young, "selfie-addicted" or the "photo allergic" and camera shy and everyone in between engaged and having fun taking photos together.

    Feel free to contact us for these press room topics or any other information we have shared on our website.  

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