Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

How Smile For Me Toys™
Make It Fun To Smile For The Camera

I still use a digital camera, will a birdie attach to my camera?
Yes, the birdie will attach to most models such as Kodak EasyShare, Canon PowerShot, Samsung, Nikon CoolPix, Fujifilm FinePix, Sony Cyber-Shot, Panasonic Lumix, Casio Exilim and Pentax cameras. Best results are obtained when there is space for a "1/2" pad directly on the edge above the camera's lens.

What if I only want to use the "birdie" for Toddler photos?
The pad is virtually invisible. You can stick a "birdie" or other toy on it only when you want it to help grab the attention of your subject at any age.

Will the "birdie" hurt my camera or tablet?
No, it will not interfere with any parts of your camera, smart phone, tablet or camcorder when properly applied. The pad will stay adhered until you are ready to remove it. The "birdie" is very light weight.

How simple is it to use?
Very easy, just wave a "birdie" close to your subject, draw it back and place it on your camera, snap the photo and repeat as needed!

My child get confused when I hold my phone or camera up to my face and blocks their view of me. How will the toy help?
A "birdie" helps make it fun to smile for the camera. Its lively and bouncy action helps get bubbly and spontaneous expressions. It also reduces any anxiety felt at young ages by relaxing and amusing him or her.

It looks so simple, can I make one myself?
Like many arts and crafts in specialty shops, boutiques and state fairs, things always seem simple enough to make but we never do.  A "birdie" is ready to pop on top of your camera or tablet and spring into action. 

Will any toy work?
Yes, but it will need to be small enough to not interfere with your camera or tablet and still get a response from your child. "Watch the birdie" is a phrase tied to photographers for literally a hundred years.

Can the "birdie" be used like a regular toy by my child?
No, small toys are a choking hazard and not for children under 3 years of age. Responsible older children, younger children with adult supervision, and grandparents will love to use the "birdie" as a camera accessory in capturing the attention of infants and toddlers but it is not intended for rough use. Keep it in or near your camera case and be ready to create some treasured shots when the time is right.

I have heard about the SnapShotz Photography Board Game and want to learn a bit more about it. We have always had so much fun around a table and it would be a great opportunity to take photos.
The "SnapShotz Game" button will give you more information. Reunions, birthday parties and game nights are great places to take "SnapShotz".

How can I purchase the SNAPSHOTZ PHOTOGRAPHY Board Game?
Go to the "Add to Cart" button on the left side of this page.
#playsnapshotz and share some of your best shots! 

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