SnapShotz Photo Tips

From The Makers of
The SnapShotz Photography
Board Game

Try out some SnapShotz Photo Tips from the makers of the The SnapShotz Photography Board Game.   The game puts taking photos together on "auto-pilot".  Gather players around a table with your favorite camera or tablet and a collection of your favorite Photo Booth Props and away you go!  Designed to draw in everyone from the "selfie addicted" to the more camera shy and "photo allergic" in the group.  The simple board game can bridge the age gap, motivate and engage your friends and family and capture some great photos when its over!

The Top 4 SnapShotz Photo Tips

Use the FLASH TO FLATTER.   In almost every place you that you take a daylight photograph, consider setting the flash on the camera or cell phone to STAY ON even in day light.  (Most call it a "fill flash" that will help eliminate shadows on faces and if it is too bright you won't be bothered by it in either case.)

Consider using the PORTRAIT setting on most cameras.  Most camera devices have the setting which automatically sets a softer focus.

HOLD THE CAMERA still for another second or two after you have depressed the shutter and have taken the shot.  "Like most things in life, follow through is everything."

Sounds silly but, make a habit of CLEANING THE LENS of your camera. That little set back lens on your phone collects dust and fingerprints and it is too easy to forget to check it.

 SnapShotz Game Variations

Play the SnapShotz Photography Board Game as Couples paired up in teams.   Follow the PoseCard commands together as if you were an individual player.  For example, on cards that direct you to take a "selfie", take one together.  For the "cheek to cheek" cards, all four line up close together and for the "totem pose" cards, two place their chins on the top of the other two to your left or right.  Couples should play together with the "take a prop shot" photo squares on the board.  Mix and match and have a blast!

Toddlers and infants can play too!  Just pair an adult or older sibling with the little one that is too small to play as long as the attention span lasts from your lap.  The photo props from the game might be a good distraction to keep them occupied too.

Take all the photos in the game with a "Black & White setting" on the camera.  How often do your family or friends have some taken like that.

Use a fun camera app that distorts portraits for extra laughs.

The SNAPSHOTZ BOARD is simple and classic in the tradition of Sorry, Aggravation, Chutes and Ladders and Candyland and has:


but it can handle any of the technology (smart phones, tablets or iPhones) or creativity that you and your guests can come up with.  It is the ultimate playing field for taking photographs together around a table.

Selfie Tip - For shots taken of you by you, stretch the camera as far out as you can with your outstretched arm.  Keep it off to the side to minimize "photo arm".  Keep it parallel to your face, hold it still and aim it up over your eyes, press the shutter on most devices half way to set the focus and lower it back down to the shooting position and press down the shutter the rest of the way.  This lets the camera take the photo before it has a chance to re-focus on your nose!