Baby Photos

Hospital Hints

It is time to take some baby photos! The long awaited moment has arrived and you find yourself at the hospital sharing in the precious ocassion and someone should take charge when the parent or parents of the little one are a bit distracted and overwhelmed. That can be you!

A few hints we found to be very helpful are:

  • Prepare your camera to shoot in black & white since most maternity ward lighting is bad and skin tones on everyone from the baby to the tired new mom and waiting room friends or relatives will not be at their best.
  • Raise the ISO number to help combat the poor lighting conditions. Most digital cameras have a "one touch" button somewhere to do that easily and it's worth looking it up in your camera's manual.
  • Use any available window light and keep the flash off as to not disturb the little one at this point. (You may try taping a piece of a paper towl over the flash if that would help.)
  • Go ahead and take some photos in the waiting room, and wherever the hospital rules allow. It may seem "cheesy" but who cares, you'll never see these people again and it is a huge moment in your life. Be able to share the experience with your loved ones and look back with fond memories later.
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    Don't make the common mistake in early baby photos of taking the photos from too far away. Get in close or zoom in, and just when you think you have....get closer! Try even capturing just the baby's eyes or uncovered fingers or toes with no other distractions for some powerful shots.

    It is natural to take any photos of a lying down baby in the crib or on a bed from a standing position but experiment from different angles. For instance, lie down next to the baby and get a shot of that cute little face from the side.

    In the coming days and weeks you will be able to start posing the little one for some cute baby photos and prop them up a bit. Newborns propped up in pillows for baby poses are great for formal portraits but try placing them at the end of an armchair or couch and laying a pillow "in front" of the baby's tummy to help him or her feel secure. Keep it out of the camera's sight and you will get some great, informal shots.

    Have the new (and camera shy) mom lie down on her back with her knees up and in position to cradle the baby. Cover her knees with a blanket suitable for a back-drop and with mom's permission take the photo as the baby is facing and cooing at her from the ground level.

    Make It Fun To Smile For The Camera

    See if you can trigger some smiles by:

  • Grabbing a stuffed animal, toy, or something that always gets your baby to smile.
  • Playing "peekaboo" from behind the camera once they are old enough to react to the game.
  • Taking a piece of tissue paper and laying it on the baby's face and lifting it off quickly. You can also try fanning the baby with a small pillow or piece of cardboard or magazine. Any sudden wisp of air usually will get a priceless giggle.
  • Trying the old standard trick of putting your finger in your mouth and pulling it out along your inner check wall to make a "popping" sound. Babies love that stuff!
  • Grabbing helpful props that will help make it fun to smile for the camera. Cameras record the moments of our lives. It is never too early to start in with some great baby photos.

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