Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Birth Book

A Baby Birth Book or some kind of a personalized scrapbook that records the special events leading up to the arrival of your baby. It is a treasure you will cherish forever.

baby shower ideas

Do you know who the doctor that delivered you? Do we know who might have been in the room and who were your first visitors?

Wouldn't it be fun to know now? It would be awesome to see. (I ran across a baby birth book from 1932 of a beloved family member and discovered that it was never filled in. A few minutes from someone would have made a big difference eighty years later!)

Create A Treasured Keepsake

Do not be intimidated or get overwhelmed. Personalized books come in scrapbook form and also are available in easy to use digital formats that are all over the web. PICK ONE!!!

Things to consider for a baby's scrapbook:

  • Set the Story - Parent's and sibling names, grandparents' names and information, hometown, time of birth, weight, length, name of any doctors or hospitals, visitors and other events surrounding the birth.
  • The Lead Up - Any photos of you during pregnancy, doctor visits, baby shower pictures, new nursery/bedroom prep, ultrasound pictures and other "pre-baby" memories.
  • And the Future - first naps, outfits, friends and relatives, first steps, etc. Select only the best shots and do not over share photos, stress quality over quantity.
  • When considering baby shower ideas, hopefully one guest will consider buying a baby birth book.....And fill it out! Watch the Birdie Video Home Page