The Best Childrens Camera

kids taking photos

Which is the best childrens camera to offer kids all sorts of opportunities to express their creativity and see the world in new and exciting ways? (And maybe get the best photos of grumpy relatives?)

....does it matter?

Whichever camera you choose to invest in, if you just toss it to them and allow them to lose interest it won't matter when it has landed in the bottom of the toy chest. You will have lost the opportunity to start them off right.

Don't Worry About What You Know Or
Don't Know About Photography

All you need is a digital camera designed for children and in the excitement of the gift moment, slow up and.....

  • Show them the ON and OFF switch.
  • Show them which end to look through.
  • Find the button to snap the photo.
  • Step away and let them have fun.
  • Point out to your child that they can ask people to smile for them. Suggest that they say "watch the birdie", "cheese" or some other funny word that they can play photographer with. Friends and family will likely be giddy and naturally smile for the budding photographer. Make it fun to smile for the camera with photography props .

    Don't criticize when you review the photos with them. Praise them and congratulate them on taking his or her first photos.

    You may wish to make subtle suggestions for them to pull back a bit or "maybe moving up closer" or "what happens with the light if we go outside?"

    The best childrens camera will be the one you buy today to set the foundation for learning confidence and having fun with taking photos and capturing special moments for a lifetime.

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