What's Up With Blurred Photos?

Prevent Fuzzy Photos

  • Images that are out of focus will give you blurred photos. Practice pressing your shutter down half way before clicking the photo. This allows your camera to adjust and to lock onto your subject with almost all of the settings that you may have it set on. (TIP: Once the camera locks onto your subject, keeping the shutter half way down and then moving the subject from the middle of your picture and clicking the photo will work too.)
  • Avoid camera shake. Pros keep their arms and elbows in close to their body. Breathe in...hold it... and gently depress the shutter button....follow through by holding your camera still for a second or two longer, even after your subject has moved on! A tripod or solid, flat, surfaces like tables or fence posts help when they are handy.
  • Use a fast shutter speed. Sounds too "high tech?" Look for your "kids & pets" or similar feature on your digital camera and it will make the adjustments for you.
  • Use your highest resolution on your camera. With inexpensive digital cards with high gigabytes, go ahead and shoot with the "fine" or "superfine" and the setting that says you have the least photos available. So what if you don't have 5,000 photos and it lowers you to 900 photos? (TIP: Stay with low resolutions if you are only sharing them online or in email.)

  • Photographing moving people or objects? Move the camera with them and try your "continuous" mode feature, it's worth looking that up and while you are at it, look up how to take "auto timed" photographs. You will really take advantage of your camera without getting too overwhelmed by the manual with just those two features. (Keeping your flash on even outdoors is also one of my favorites.)

    Still Having Problems With Fuzzy Photos?

    blurred photos

    Are you on vacation? Is it raining outside of your tent?

    Is there humidity or salty sea air present? Is the ski boat that you find yourself on pulling your oldest kid on a wake board and has waves hitting the bow?

    Are you at the ball game after the cotton candy fun when Jr. has reached out and grabbed for your camera? (Getting the picture now?)

    WIPE OFF YOUR CAMERA'S LENS! (Always use an appropriate lens cloth or Birdie Blanket™) It might be pretty obvious after you learn about it, but I almost returned a camera to the store thinking it was broken! Another time I ran into a person who thought she must have sat on her cell phone and shattered it because the screen was blurry. Don't make the same mistake. Carry a cloth together with your SmileForMeToys™Birdie in your camera case.

    Your number one way to reduce blurred photos is after a quick cleaning. Psst.. a little birdie says, "pass it on!!"


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