A Camera Toy Helps Grab Attention

Right From The Top Of Your Camera!

Smile For Me Toys Birdie

Use an internet search engine and type in "camera toy" and you'll most likely see thousands of hits for "toy cameras." Those of us at Smile For Me Toys love the new world of waterproof, drop-proof, easy to play and use toy cameras for children. They are an invaluable gift to give to a little one to help with imagination and manual dexterity and over all development.

The world of photography should be introduced to a child the earlier the better but it is never to late to start if a child has been missing out. Find a price point that is right for your budget and get a toy camera today!

At some point you will be trying to take a photo of an infant, toddler or child with a regular camera or phone and might have some struggles in focussing their attention.

TIP OF THE DAY: You should also look into purchasing a camera toy or photography prop and while they are concentrating and laughing at them, you will have taken some great shots!

Make It Fun To Smile For The Camera

Smile Lincoln!

Hey, "Over here Lincoln!" (What's that box they want me to look at?)
Almost there Lincoln

Smile for me! (What is that thing on the camera?)
Yay Birdie!

Yaayyyyy! (That birdie is funny!)

Get the most out of your camera or toy camera with a camera toy from SmileForMeToys™ and be sure to always have fun when taking photos!

Get ANY TOY that helps focus attention and reduces any fear and anxiety felt by a child at a young age by relaxing and amusing him or her. (We are, of course, partial to the birdies, but whatever helps you get some treasured photos works for us too.)

  • Simply grab the little one's attention with the "birdie", draw it back to the top of your camera.
  • Stick it on a "hook n loop" pad above the lens.
  • Click the photo and repeat.
  • At a later time, use the "pop up" action to really kick the fun into high gear. You are sure to get some bubbly and spontaneous expressions.

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