Choosing a Photographer

Professional Photographer or Amateur?

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Choosing a photographer starts with a budget. Will it be affordable? Will it be worth the expense? We see it as a goal to work toward when it comes to capturing and preserving family memories. Grandparents and friends should consider giving the gift that lasts.

At certain ages, expensive toys usually are not as exciting as the wrapping and the boxes they come in. Outfits, whether inexpensive or expensive, have about a 3 month wear life and if a gift card makes you feel guilty that you "punted" when it comes to a memorable gift, consider pooling some funds or springing for a professional photographer and session. Ask your circle of friends for a recommendation or look into some professional organizations when choosing a photographer like the Professional Photographers of America. The number one reason is that while an amateur may get lucky with any focus and distance, lighting and background issues, a pro can duplicate the results that they have showcased to you in his or her portfolio.

Check websites for examples. Does the style fit yours? Do they have some fun props or creative backgrounds to mix it up. What other services do they offer? Can they retouch the photos or alter the shading for you if needed? How do they handle their pricing? Will they be providing all of the shots taken or hold you hostage for the best ones? They all love to show off their work so don't be timid about asking for more examples and testamonials before you commit.

Just Get It Done

If hiring a professional is unaffordable at the moment, it's time to ask a friend. You know the type, the one that has the thousand dollar camera or the one that takes all of the cool shots that you see all over the walls in their home or splashed all over their social network pages.

If you haven't thought of the possibilites until this webpage jumped out at you today, choosing a photographer can include calling a friend and asking for help. It never hurts to ask and maybe the session will only cost a lunch or a favorite bottle of vino and we bet they will be honored to be considered.

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