Cute Baby Photos

At Five to Fifteen Months

Cute Baby Photos

Cute baby photos are the ones you get your little one to chuckle and coo and light up the room. Is there a science to a baby smile? No, but here are some fun tips to consider with your newborn.

  • Place your camera into a position that you can snap a photo, but don't hide behind it. Babies do not understand that grey and black thing you just shoved in front of your face.
  • Babies love to study a face, so be silly, contort, wink, grin, stick out your tongue and pull it back, buzz your lips, basically anything that creates curiosity even at their age will help him or her respond.
  • Once your baby starts to smile, take many pictures in rapid succession. (Most digital cameras have a feature called "burst", or "continuous mode" and is fairly easy to switch over to once you read about it. Take the time, it will be worth it.)
  • Use a toy to "talk" to your baby. Move the toy around, babies like repetition so doing it repeatedly might get a giggle. Try a squeak toy that is laying around the house from Fido.
  • Attach things to the camera that will grab your baby's attention. If you are using a cell phone camera, buy a case or cover that is bright and that has contrasting colors. If you have a regular camera, let a small trinket or charm dangle from it or try a Birdie or try something like a rear view mirror accessory. You can also try hiding one of your baby's favorite toys behind you and pulling it out and placing it above your camera. Again, repetition is the key.
  • Make funny noises that your baby may have yet to hear like clicking or rolling your tongue and smacking or popping your lips. Try it once, look for the response and if positive repeat it.
  • "Match and mirror" your baby, as Bill Murray said in the movie "Stripes", "now do as I say and watch what I do," if he or she puckers up, you pucker up, when they blow bubbles, you try to blow bubbles, when they start to grin, you put on your happiest face! Silly begets silly and finish every facial trick with direct eye contact.
  • Try placing a fresh tissue on top of your baby's face and pulling it up suddenly. Fanning a magazine cover or similar card stock paper will force a wisp of air onto their face and usually will get a pleasant reaction.
  • If your baby stares at you, give a little wink or a "thumbs up" like Fonzie.

    Never Force It

    If your baby is not in the mood, try again at some other time. Do not force yourself onto a baby. Seems simple enough but imagine those with new digital cameras with first time newborns that do not get the right reactions right away. Do not take it personally. Be patient. Smiles are a way of communicating and your baby might not be ready yet. They can recognize a phony smile from you too, so try capturing a cute baby photo when YOU are ready. We hope this little bit helps you do it.

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