Holding A Camera Basics

Holding a camera may seem to be too simple of a subject but, because it's so basic, you may have never heard the following tips. Every time you pick up your camera you should get into the following habits to help you take better photos.

  • Hold your fingers comfortably around the camera but do not block the lens, the tiny flash area or auto-focus/red eye sensors.

  • Use two hands (especially with pocket digital cameras that only have a viewing screen and you have to hold out a bit farther away from you).

  • Tuck your elbows in like the "pro's" do or place one on top of a table or back of a chair or lean against a wall if one handed.

  • Put the strap on your wrist or at least make sure it is not dangling in the way of the lens!

  • Depress the shutter half way to allow for most camera's "auto-focus" features to lock in then gently squeeze and say "watch the birdie " and hold the camera longer than you'd normally expect. Try counting to one one thousand, two one thousand. Most people feel that they are puting their subjects out and their natural tendency is to snap the photo as quickly as they can and be done with it. Be the exception. They are worth it. Arent' they? Look up the "continous mode" setting for your camera and make a point of holding the shutter down long enough to grab several very quick shots in rapid fire. Choose the best at a later time. (The photos snapped after your subjects relax are at times the best and you might use several shots together in a photo frame for a fun effect).

  • Try these same tips out about holding a camera with your cell phone. When you are holding a camera correctly, it lets your subjects know you take photography somewhat seriously and place an importance in capturing the best shot you can of them. (It may seem silly at first, but I bet most will try it out later at some point. Blurred photos are a waste of time.)

    Teach ... Your Children Well

    Holding a camera should be taught at the earliest practical age for a child. The same basics apply, put on the wrist strap (even with child toy cameras), keep fingers out of the way, hold it steady on where they want to take the photo and you'll create habits that will follow his or her through out their life.

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