Kids and Photography

Camera Time Should Be Fun Time

How is your kids and photography mix going? Get your child accustomed to the camera at any age and the earlier the better. If they already have a bad attitude about having their picture taken, think back and realize that YOU might have done it to them without even knowing it. Most photos are taken during hectic special occasions or holiday events in front of friends and relatives they don't see often and in which the photo taker has been unusually stressed and agitated. Kids internalize moments like that and it's time to avoid putting them in those situations unprepared or start reprogramming them right away. It has to be fun to smile for the camera.

Props Make It Fun

birdie on camera

Get a child's mind off the fact that they are being photographed. Any distraction or a toy which lets them interact naturally will be of immeasurable help. Stop if your child starts crying or throwing a tantrum when the moment arrives. They may be experiencing "stage fright" and be feeling pressure and that is the only way they know how to fight against it. Pulling back to another calmer moment will help you to avoid cementing in the connection to their photo being taken with unpleasant situations.

Draw Attention To Your Camera
Without Them Knowing It

Think about it....if you were to put a veil in front of your face, strap a mask on or drop your hat down and said to your child, "look and me and smile." What type of reaction would you get? There are no studies to prove it yet, but for certain ages that is what you are going to get when you place a camera in front of your face. Grandpa being goofy, waving his arms from behind and over your shoulder, probably adds to the full frontal assault. Be creative and look into what photography props would be helpful and appropriate with your child's personality and development. When they have fun, you'll have fun and you will be on the road to many many captured happy memories with kids and photography.

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