Learning Photography

Motivate Kids and Open Up
The World Around Them

kid taking photo

There isn't a "one age fits all" for determining the best time for learning photography. The introduction of a camera can start at any age and will tap into their current curiosity level and will add to the development of your child's creativity. Cameras are the easiest way to motivate them to observe and see everyday routines through new eyes (and their camera's lens).

Let them develop confidence in their own creativity, compliment them often and display their work when and where appropriate. Have them snap all they want to at first and they will naturally start to experiment and then later begin to narrow their focus (no pun intended) with better objects and will soon be prioritizing their shots. They will catch on to what types of photos that you both will determine are "keepers."

Make A "Take Photo of" Assignment

kids with toy cameras

Cameras in hand! Tell your child to take photos of the following items (if age applicable).

  • Pet and pet bowl.
  • Friend(s)
  • Group shot of friends. Get in real close and fill the frame with smiles and faces.
  • Parent(s)
  • Brother or sister
  • Toys
  • Posed action figures or dolls and re-create scenes from their respective cartoon or movie features close up and on their level. (You might have a future director in the house.)
  • Fort or playhouse, from inside and out. Let them discover how light affects their shots.

  • Capture a "day in the life" to be able to look back on some other day in the future.

  • A bathtub filled with toys.
  • The area of the fridge or freezer where the snacks are kept.
  • The ice cream truck.
  • Postal Worker delivering the mail.
  • Someone mowing the lawn.
  • The car seat or interior of the family car.
  • The school bus and school bus stop.
  • A collection set on a shelf in a bedroom.

  • Day trips, at the Zoo, the playground, a farm, or other family outing that will take on new meanings and interests.

    Picture Hunts are great for younger children.

  • Colors-take pictures of things that are "red". A rose or flower? A stop sign? A fire truck.
  • Important people- a best friend at school. Grandma, a favorite teacher or neighbor and other special people in their world.
  • Shapes-Go for a walk and have your child scout out and take pictures of all the squares they see one day then all of the triangles or circles they see on the next walk.

  • Action shots of friends riding on bikes, tricycles, skateboards or razor scooters should round out the ideas and they will be learning photography at their own pace. Display their work proudly, make it fun to smile for the camera and make some great memories!

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