Occupy Cameras

The Latest "Occupy" Movement?

This One Percent Is Helping Improve
99% of Photos

Original Birdie

"Birdie" has been caught up in the OCCUPY CAMERAS movement. He is into grabbing attention with an infant or toddler when he or she is taking a photo.

NEWS FLASH: Bubbly and spontaneous expressions have broken out all over the US, England, Canada and Australia."Birdies are deciding to stage a "sit on" with cameras and smartphones everywhere. It has been reported that authorities have tried to peel many of them away from the camera they are sitting on but the Birdies may have become too attached to their cause. One was rumored to be found tweeting "I am sticking to this camera until my mission of capturing a great smile for a photo is accomplished."

Each Birdie appears to be getting the reaction from their subjects that they were looking for. Children of all ages are happier with how his or her photos have come out and self-esteem appears to be on the rise. However, the photos are probably going to be permanent reminders of how happy they were at one point in time. (It wouldn't suprise us if we see the effects of this movement showing up in parent's wallets, on mantles in living rooms and on social photo pages for years to come.)

A major issue in the past when taking photos of children has been finding props for getting smiles . Millions of people can relate to juggling a stuffed animal or towel in one hand and a camera in the other. Many have had to hire a Grandparent to act goofy or grab some attention with some keys and a teething ring. Maybe the "birdies" are on to something and the mission to Occupy Cameras is just where they landed first.

Approximately Only 1% of Photos Get Framed

camera toy pad

The OCCUPY CAMERAS critics think everyone has been framed, but the truth is that most photos of our loved ones never get framed. When taking photos, we must seize the moment and take our time, zoom in or get in close, hold the shot steady and make it fun to smile for the camera. Can't we all strive for the 1% for the best photos?

A Smile For Me Toys™Birdie kit has a small and soft pad to place on the top of your camera or smartphone without interfering with any of the functions.

Each Birdie seems to want a lot of attention but only when you take out your camera. They will be your new BFF (Birdie For Fun) whenever you use your camera.

Let's turn the tables and bring some attention to YOURSELF and your camera? Simply take control of the situation by waving the birdie in front of your child and then drawing it back to the top of your camera. You shouldn't have to wait for a smile to come out of nowhere.

Snap a photo and repeat the process for guaranteed laughs and fun times. NOTE: The older generation that might resist the OCCUPY CAMERAS movement will probably be found getting caught up in the "facial warming" trend as newly documented in family albums.

"Watch the Birdie" and make it fun to smile for the camera. Our Birdie is a toy all ages can relate to in an instant and although not every photo needs a person to look directly into a camera, we like the increased odds just in case we are wanting them to look.

Order a Smile For Me Toys Birdie

WARNING: Small toys are a Choking Hazard and not for unsupervised use with children under 3 years of age.