Priceless Photos

Capturing A Family 's Legacy

Priceless photos capture milestones and create a photo legacy for your child to treasure and share with future generations. Quality over quantity is a common sense approach. However, do we really slow up for a moment to think about when and where we choose to grab our camera? Photos that will someday let your family see what everyday life was like for them like which toys were important, what clothes were in fashion and what your home furniture looked like with them in their younger years will be priceless.

cd stacks

If you are like most families, you already have collected tons of photos of your loved ones. Have they landed in closets and desk drawers in bulk?

Which photos make it to the following showcases? Think about it, just how many photos get displayed and used in your everyday life? If you make it count when your camera is out, you can prioritize more easily with photos shown:

  • At your desk in your office.
  • On a bedroom night stand.
  • In your child's room.
  • In the hallway or on the mantle.
  • Inside Grandparent's wallets.
  • With a digital frame or photo key ring.
  • Search our site here for digital photography tips , some simple tips that are available to bring your photo taking up a few notches that will help you capture some special shots. (Zooming in close to "fill the frame" with facial features, holding down the shutter part way to allow most cameras to focus correctly and using a "continuous shot" or "multiple shot" feature are just a few of my favorites.)

    Put Your Albums On A Diet

    photo albums

    Prioritize, prioritize and prioritize or it gets overwhelming.

    We at Smile For Me Toys™ want to remind you that in the new digital world to safely store and back up your photos on protected drives, cloud storage services or sent off to family or friends to help archive them. Even better, print out your favorites and store in acid free photo albums and keep away from moisture, heat or dust (and curious kool-aid stained hands). Why trust priceless photos to anything electronic? Spread printed copies around also.

    Use this handy link to the Kodak Gallery.

    Vacation trip memories will not be diminished because hundreds of photos didn't make the cut. Be a tough "director" and trim out the fat. Your albums will be "tastier" and your audience will look forward to them more when you pull them out. Speaking about priorities......

    You Only Have One Chance
    To Make A First Impression

    social networking

    Social networking appears to be the dominant trend your children will be faced with in their future. Monitored correctly, it can be a great opportunity to develop your child's creativity and imagination and self-esteem. What will be their priorities when they choose to show glimpses into their world to others? What will their choices in photos tell you about their personality or what they value? What will the flags be that determine to what might need your attention or guidance?

    Remember all the "bad" photos you hated that kept popping up in albums or drawers? Imagine putting them into permanent cyberspace. Talk with your children about the potential harm or embarrassment factor they can self-inflict with a few bad postings.

    Making good decisions, liking who you are, listening to others and creating life long memories are the essences of life. Start documenting your family's life today with some priceless photos and make it fun to smile for the camera!

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