Share SnapShotz with a Hashtag!

Share Your Game Photos!!

#SnapShotz is a great way to share your best photos from the SnapShotz Photography Board Game.   See what other game players have done with the Poses and the Photography Prop photos that the game produces!

SnapShotz is played around a table and encourages portrait poses with the family and friends that we sometimes do not capture enough.

It says something about yourself when you can be a keeper of the family memories.  You will share something in common with others that put a priority on close up photos with family and friends and have a great game night theme!!

Showcase Your Photos!

When you share SnapShotz you can connect with others and get some great ideas. No pictures of mountains or sunsets (although we love those too.), just portraits and poses that you find heartwarming.  Which ones will brighten someone's day?  The "posecards" in the SnapShotz Photography Board Game give you some great opportunities to capture some fun photos.

If it makes you smile..... we know it will make others smile too.  

See how many family members and friends you can get to play the game. Kids get the permission they are looking for to act silly and play dress up with the photo props and some of the cards slip in some serious poses!! Normally camera shy relatives warm up to the atmosphere of the game and you will find some cherished photos will come of it.

Be sure to contact us if you spot any abuse.  Hashtags are not controlled by us and there might be other hashtags tied to the game that we have not controlled, directed or approved.  As always, we hope the better nature of people wins out.

Don't Wait .... SnapShotz Today!!