Special Needs Photography

Capture Special Photos

Special needs photography is an important area that professional photographers should be focussing on ((pun intended) as part of his or her overall service to clients and the public.

Special photos are just a click away. Here are some thoughts:

  • Work quickly but have patience.
  • Let the child take the lead. Show and share the equipment to be used (with appropriate precautions, you don't want any upset subjects and broken equipment will not be fun for anyone.) Show that you are not a stranger and can be a new friend. Let them dictate the pace of the interaction.
  • Be flexible and switch up the lighting, use a tripod or hand hold your camera, use faster ISO's and shutter speeds remembering that the ideal pose and smile is not as important as capturing some emotion or interest in an object.
  • Set up your background options but prepare for movement and be aware of what might be in the background for when you are looking to capture that next great shot. Storage items and clutter can be distractng!
  • All subjects love a fun prop to help get more comfortable and relaxed. Grab a favorite stuffed animal or toy or add a Birdie Toy to your camera to help grab some fun attention! Gather up siblings or relatives too and fill the camera frame with "eyes and smiles." Extreme "close-up" shots are awesome. "Pose close" like one of the PoseCards found in the SnapShotz Photography Board Game. Sometimes you get bashful but you will have some great results.
  • Develop a Special Photographer

    Share the experience! Get an appropriate new or used camera into eager hands and if the responsibilty level is there let them roll and ask everyone to "watch the birdie". You will get some awesome photos taken from a special view on the world.

    Communication in special needs photography is the key and we hope you grab some special shots and make it fun to smile for the camera!

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