Toddler Photo Quiz

This toddler photo quiz may help you to be more prepared for the time you take your child to a professional photographer.

You believe your child is all ready for a studio session and you want to make the most of the experience and be able to help him or her get some great results.

Questions For Review

Question 1 - Which color is the most attractive to a toddler or infant?
a) yellow b) red c) black and white checkers

Question 2 - A professional photographer's top studio prop used in taking photos is a
a) sock puppet b) squeak toy c) feather

Question 3 - The most effective sound or noise made to get a toddler's attention is a
a) rattle b) honking horn c) whistle

Question 4 - The best lighting is
a) indirect b) natural or outdoor lighting c) using a flash

Question 5 - Professional photographers in the U.S. prefer to shoot in
a) black & white b) color (in soft focus) c) color coverted to B/W in photoshop

Question 6 - The most popular background or back drop used in today's studios is a
a) black drape b) soft white curtain c) patterned or natural scene

How Did You Score?

If you need to, go ahead and discuss your answers to the toddler photography quiz with any other family members or friends that know your child and would be great to have some input from BEFORE you schedule your photo appointment.

Answer Discussion

In question 1, all three colors have been found to grab the attention of young eyes better than others. Questions 2 and 3 are great tests in starting to determine the personality and skills of your photographer and how they will relate to your child and make it fun to smile for the camera. In all seriousness, question 4 should be discussed thoroughly because all three lighting techniques can have excellent results. Question 5 is a judgment call but many pros feel that infant photos are best shot in black and white due to any possible redness or uneven skin tones prevalent in newborns and toddlers. Converting tones in photoshop requires more skill on your part but, in any case, see what your photographer's thoughts are on the subject of shooting in black and white or color. Finally, question 6 is best determined by your photographer's portfolio. Most will go over potential poses and backgrounds and discuss any pricing and options that you will have.

So, before you get your little one in front of a professional photographer or invest in a trip to a studio, find out what your best answers will be regarding our toddler photography quiz. We hope that it was a light-hearted way to help shed some light (pun intended) and prepare you for some topics to open up communication with your photographer and make it fun to smile for the camera.

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