Toddler Photo Tips

Stay Flexible

Toddler Photography Ideas

Here are some toddler photo tips that we have found to be helpful. Here are the facts you are confronted with.

  • They never want to sit still.
  • Meltdowns can happen at any moment.
  • They scream at the sight of your camera.
  • They turn their head around with their back to you.
  • Be Silly

    Don't push them, work with them. The longer the baby poses, the more tired and distracted they distract them first!

    Set up a "place" for them to stand or sit. Use a sticker or provide a chair for them to claim as their space.

    Switch to a higher shutter speed and/or use your "kids and pets" feature on your point and shoot digital camera.

    Set up an art project and take photos with your child doing them.

    Remember some black & white shots of them while they are sleeping. (Black and white shots soften and even out young skin tones.)

    Don't worry about "posed" shots, look for "real" moments and don't stick to a specific idea. Go with the flow and let them take the lead.

    Take some pictures of his or her toys and from their angle. (They will thank you years later.)

    Take a few photos on an angle and off center for interesting photos.

    GET DOWN TO THEIR LEVEL It seems obvious but if they are on the floor, lie down on the floor, if they are on the couch or chair, get on the floor and take the photo at an eye level. You engage them better this way.

    Try getting down even lower since this sometimes empowers the child with an "I am bigger than you" happy smile.

    If you find yourself juggling or holding up a stuffed animal or toy to get your baby to smile, try a fun and simple prop like a toy birdie from Smile For Me Toys You want to avoid the mistake of overstimulation from multiple sources. (Everyone trying to help out by rattling things?) A "birdie" has a good chance of grabbing some attention without the baby feeling overwhelmed.

    Tell Mom and any other helpers to stand behind you so your subject will not be as distracted to the sides as often.

    Let them see the results. They are very curious at that age and it lets them participate and helps to lower any frustration level.

    You can't manipulate toddlers and you'll get some really honest reactions from them. Kids are quick but if you learn about some toddler photo tips, you can be quicker!

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