Tweeting Photos

Choose Your Pictures Wisely

Photo sharing and tweeting photos are gaining more momentum. Third party aps are all over the place like "smugmug", "flickr2twitter", "snaptweet" and "twitpic" for sharing photos via a twitter account.

You want to keep fans up to date on what's happening in you and your family's life but watch out for unintended backlash or negative feedback that you find innocent or think that it will be private. (Celebrities find out that they get criticized for exploiting their child in some way like wearing mom's shoes or their photos of body parts that get sent to "all" and are retweeted before they can hit delete.)

Thin out and edit your photos on your phone or tablet device so that you don't scroll over something accidently that you did not want to share.

Here is a photo sharing thought. Are you proud enough of the photo to show your co-workers, potential bosses or your parents and in-laws?

Sloppy or irrelevant pictures can turn followers away so keep them interesting and insightful. Be careful with sharing too many personal history or connection photos. Don't make it too easy on potential hackers by labeling the answers to almost all of the major security questions to your accounts!

Mix It Up A Bit

Don't spam your followers with too many photos in a row. It's too easy to get on a roll when YOUR interest is high. Besides, photos are not the primary purpose for most twitter users. Be reasonable and make it fun for them to browse through when they run across you.

Goes without saying, but tweet high quality and clear photos so that it is easy to tell what it is. (Unless keeping them guessing is your hook.)

Don't send out your pictures alone. Words and descriptions complete the story (and the picture.)

Respond to tweets and comments about your photos. After all, tweeting photos is all about interaction.

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