Unbaby Prevention

Through Better Baby Photos

Unbaby Prevention

An unbaby app is gaining support in an apparent anti-baby photo backlash. Has too much of a cute thing created a demand for removing and blocking baby photos? How did we get here? There are plenty of things we at SmileForMeToys consider annoying in social media sites but pictures of babies?

Let's address the problem head on and then make those photos so damn cute that no one will consider a way to "unbaby" you.

A new baby is a HUGE part of your life now and you should share moments with relatives and friends that are looking forward to seeing photos of your new addition.

The new baby photo reality is that those newborn photos that look like pictures of little aliens, the twenty photos taken on the same blankie, the poopy diaper discussions and constant updates for the baby's third outfit change in a day do create infant photo overload and will become "baby clutter" before you know it has happened and you risk wearing out your welcome.

********** STOP OVER SHARING PHOTOS **********

Simple Baby Photo Tips

  • Get down to their level and zoom in. If they are on the floor, lie down on the floor, if they are on the couch or chair, crouch on the floor next to them and take the photo at an eye level. You engage them better this way.
  • Switch to a "portrait" feature on your camera for a softer focus and consider some "black and white" photos since both are easier on the skin tones of newborns.
  • Prioritize your shots that you post. "Is this one I would consider frame worthy?" "Will most care about this as much as I do?" (With digital cameras and cell phones, you can take a ton of photos and discipline yourself to delete a ton!)

  • Mix it up and do not make it "all baby all day." Remember, friends and family want to see how ALL of your family is doing. (And it helps to not alienate older siblings with all of the new attention paid to the little one.)
  • Click here for more ideas on taking cute baby pictures because baby pictures shouldn't be boring to your audience. Reward those friends and family that look forward to your next post. They will love to keep up with your family's growth when they can't be with you in person as often as they would like.

    Now if someone still tries to "unbaby" you, know that they were probably not much of a friend in the first place.

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