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Disposable Cameras

You've scoured the internet for wedding photography tips and hired a professional photographer to whom you are placing all of your trust. Don't second guess your decision. The referral that you received or your own research, under much less stressful moments, has lead you to a good choice.

For additional help, ask a few trusted invitees who have quality cameras if they wouldn't mind taking a few photos during the festivities for you. (Ask friends who are tactful and will not mind being burdened. Do you know any of whom you feel have had good results in other parties or receptions? Are any more into the social network sites and uploading photos than the average person?) Giving them a mission will give them a "green light" to be a bit more assertive when they might normally feel they would be too intrusive amoungst mutual family and friends. "Mary asked me to take some photos," will give them a "hall pass" to have some fun and get the job done.

There are other ways to help safeguard and to insure that your special day is well documented in photos.

Disposable Cameras....Are They Worth It?

Disposable cameras placed on reception tables have been a popular trend for years on wedding days. Many couples have found that the resulting photographs aren't very good. Did a cousin's kid get a hold of several of the camereas and burn multiple shots of table cloths? Do you think that placing them on the tables might be a tad bit tacky? I say, go for it, all in all, the day will probably be a "blur" to you, so you might love the additional phots later on that you didn't have to supervise or really think about.

Look into the new "green" cameras if you are so inclined, they also may provide a good starting conversation topic at each of your tables. If disposable cameras are presented correctly, they will be worth it. wedding cameras

Today's disposable cameras can be tailored to your wedding day theme and blend in with "classier" colors and designs. They are surprisingly inexpensive considering what the relative costs are in a total wedding package and one of the best wedding photography tips. They have the potential for great reward when they capture older relatives, of whom you don't have many photos of, and other candid moments.

Call special attention to the cameras by having your bridal party decorate the disposable cameras, if personality and age appropriate, this will show the importance and care in which you are taking in placing the cameras on the tables.

Understanding The Basics
of Disposable Cameras

Each disposable camera uses different film. Less expensive cameras often contain lesser quality film. This can result in muted colors or worse. Remember, even trusted name brands can offer low and higher end film. Consider your budget and how many tables you will really need them on.

If the cameras will be used in the bright outdoors, use a 200 or 400 ISO. Retail sites should make recommendations for your situation.

Make sure they have a flash. Tell everyone to use it indoors even if your event is in the daytime. Flashes will remove shadows on faces and provide consistent light in large banquet rooms with florescent or indirect lighting.

Don't take any photos until the "ready" light is lit and give yourself time beforehand to charge the flash so you aren't painfully delayed when the right moment hits.

Guests might need to be instructed to stay within 3-7 feet and group together as many "faces" in each shot as possible for the best results. Believe me, you can never be TOO close. It feels strange, and relatives will look at you funny, but photos taken that way will be the only ones that make it later to your photo album and one may be taken of a special relative that may prove to be "priceless."

Bust The Boredom With Birdies

Consider that the cameras can help connect the adults at each table with the children in attendance. Most of the children will sense the gravity of the day (since they are in an outfit that some fussed over and forced on them!) but will be searching for an energy outlet. Keep them occupied constructively.

Guests can take the opportunity to teach any little inquiring minds about photography and cameras. You never know what life-long interests might get sparked. Discreet and small props will help entertain the kids and adults alike.

You might want to invest and place a Birdie on some of the cameras on the "kids" tables to add a diversion and create some more memories.

Again, if you use the wedding photography tips that best suit you, you can rest easier knowing that your photos of your wedding day will be in a professional photographer's hands ....and in many other hands, who love you and are honored to share your special day with you.

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