Wedding Photography Checklist

Tip : PoseCards On The Tables

A wedding photography checklist should include how to engage all of the family and friends you have gathered around in neat little table groups. Lots of the invitees might already have known each other but many are only connected through you as the bride or groom.  How can you tactfully get them to mingle?  (A few rounds with the bubbly eventually does it but why wait until that point?)  Sure, your wedding photographer might get around to the tables for posed groups, but usually the professional is concentrating on other images.  

One time tested tip was to place individual "throw away" cameras on each table with a sign that read "please feel free to take some candid photos for the married couple." We always had felt that those cameras should always have been on top of anyone's wedding photography checklist.  The only problem was unless you have an extroverted guest on each table that takes charge, most of the times the cameras did not yield many keeper photos.  Some may even have been inappropriate.  

The more "tech savvy" wedding planner now places cards directing people to a mutual wedding photography website address to gather all of the random photos taken during the wedding day.  But, as just mentioned above,  that may not yield many keepers..... unless there is a better way to guide them a bit more.

Add PoseCards To Your
Wedding Photography Checklist

Most people just need a little direction!  Wedding days are no different. However you decide to suggest that casual photos are requested at the tables, give them some of the suggestions from the SnapShotz Photography Board Game® from the PoseCards used in the game. Create your list from the 18 or so cards in the game.   They are proven to engage people around a table for a board game and the ideas might come in handy at your wedding.  (The goal of those at SmileForMeToys is always to help "make it fun to smile for the camera.")

So just like a treasure hunt list, people will have something to warm everyone up at your wedding tables.  Of course it will work best if the guests do not mind taking photos together!  Our hope is that maybe some haven't seen each other in years and the PoseCards just might capture some treasured shots.  Missed opportunities with loved ones happen too often.  We hope your special day is a memorable one and you are able to reflect on it fondly for years to come!

Contact us if you would like to see us make available Wedding Table PoseCard packages.  Comments are always greatly appreciated!